Mamoru’s change-ego given that Tuxedo Cover-up caught brand new passion for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon just after she spotted your the very first time

Mamoru’s change-ego given that Tuxedo Cover-up caught brand new passion for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon just after she spotted your the very first time

Mamoru Chiba (???, Chiba Mamoru) is the establish-day incarnation away from Prince Endymion therefore the civilian term of Tuxedo Cover up (???????, Takishiido Kamen).


Mamoru enjoys black locks and you will blue-eyes. He constantly wears a black turtleneck buried in his indigo jeans pulled around their sides having a bright light brown strip, and an eco-friendly sweater jacket and you will black colored or brownish loafers.

Tuxedo Cover-up

As the Tuxedo Cover-up, Mamoru wears an official black colored tuxedo suit which have a black cape and you may a red indoor. The guy wears a white hide and you may a proper enough time hat. He in addition to wields a black cane additionally the red-rose one to the guy puts on their enemies. Inside the Episode 81 in the finale out of Sailor Moon R where he protects Sailor Moon of Black Lady’s attack, one another their cap along with his cover-up was in fact knocked out over reveal their genuine identity.

Mamoru deal the new red rose when he transforms into Tuxedo Cover up just like the explained lower than and you can upon interviewing the latest Outside Senshi inside the Sailor Moonlight S, he quickly Mexican Sites dating review transforms towards the this form while you are being secured in the dead leaves being floated for the good winds.


Mamoru is actually a best son along with resided along with his moms and dads before day’s their 6th birthday celebration whenever every around three out-of him or her is employed in a vehicle accident, killing mom and dad, however, making Mamoru since the sole survivor. Yet not, the latest incident provided Mamoru retrograde amnesia, making your incapable of think of one thing regarding their existence in advance of the vehicle accident.

He did, yet not, always have dreams intensely about a good strange woman begging your locate some thing called the “Silver Amazingly”. Trusting so it Silver Crystal do assist your restore his thoughts, Mamoru create follow new persona “Tuxedo Cover-up” and you can search for the brand new amazingly for themselves.

Sailor Moon

Mamoru basic starred in occurrence among the many show. Shortly after conference Usagi the very first time, the guy come calling her “Bunhead,” a nickname however telephone call their from the each time they satisfied, far so you’re able to Usagi’s irritation. It absolutely was including starting from event one that he concerns help Sailor Moon inside battle since Tuxedo Mask.

In fact, Tuxedo Mask is actually certainly one of Usagi’s two chief crushes together with Motoki. Even if Usagi enjoyed Tuxedo Mask, she don’t very first such as for example his civilian identity, because these Mamoru constantly named the girl by the moniker “Bunhead” one she disliked. At the time, she together with don’t understand whom Tuxedo Mask’s secret label is actually. Throughout the year one, Mamoru briefly went out which have Rei Hino, whether or not the guy did not take a look because the infatuated with her while the she is which have him.

Through the 12 months you to definitely, Mamoru has also been by himself mission to find out who the guy actually was. In the evening, however imagine a mysterious lady referred to as Moon Princess, telling your that most was obvious as he finds brand new Silver Crystal; he began selecting it, however, coincidently, this new Ebony Empire was also finding the fresh Gold Amazingly. Sooner, the guy unearthed that the newest Rainbow Deposits manage help him get the Gold Amazingly, in which he started initially to collect him or her. not, the guy popular to save the brand new Rainbow Crystals in the place of let the Sailor Senshi have them.

If the fragments reunited and you may turned the newest Silver Amazingly, it recovered his memories, and additionally the ones from the Sailor Senshi. He recalled he are Prince Endymion out-of Planet who had been also Princess Serenity.

Tuxedo Cover-up/Mamoru, immediately following regaining their recollections, was grabbed by the Black Empire and you may brainwashed to-do its putting in a bid up until the stop of the year. The guy conducted this new Sailor Senshi near to Shitennou, Kunzite (despite the fact that bickered constantly), even though they do appear to struggle due to the fact Mamoru create subconsciously fight eliminating Sailor Moonlight. He had been healed nearby the end of the season, however, used to be once more brainwashed of the Queen Beryl, who infused him having Metalia’s opportunity forever. Following Sailor Senshi pass away fighting the newest DD Female, Sailor Moon fought having him. Despite are immune so you’re able to Moonlight Healing Escalation, using Usagi’s pleading, he handled the new Orgel, returning their memories. However, the guy died quickly after securing Usagi of a hit because of the Queen Beryl. Shortly after Sailor Moon’s last race against Awesome Beryl, the new Sailor Senshi (including Mamoru) was basically resurrected but forgotten all memory out-of occurrences in the first seasons.

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