Hitano, an excellent Lirean soldier just who enjoys Alena, says to Aquil one this lady has fell to possess a great mandirigma

Hitano, an excellent Lirean soldier just who enjoys Alena, says to Aquil one this lady has fell to possess a great mandirigma

Aquil tells the latest queen-mother, Minea, whom denies Ybarro since the unworthy. Alena are prohibited out of leaving the newest palace. Amihan, aspiring to understand the mandirigma that has amused their sister, is actually amazed observe Ybarro, the man within her dreams.

Alena, realizing that Ybarro remains awaiting their in their meeting set, requests Amihan’s consent to go away the newest palace, but she rejected. Later on you to definitely nights, Alena finds out regarding the lady mother’s passing, thus she mourns. Ades consoles their. She rejoiced, yet not, during the delivery out of her niece Lira.

Break up having Ybarro [ ]

Ybarro suits Alena about castle regarding Lireo. She informs him out-of the woman mom’s dying along with her niece’s delivery. All the info she offered your how her relative try devised helps make Ybarro end he was the father. She says to your one to she’ll come across a chance to eliminate.

Alena is actually introduce when Pirena came back and you can asked for forgiveness. 1st neutral, Alena intercedes to save Pirena when Danaya is actually prepared to perform their having treason. Alena employs Danaya’s lead-in true blessing Lira with her treasure. Alena continues to refuse Hitano.

Alena got Awoo go with their to help you Ybarro. Once acquiring equivalent suggestions away from Amihan and you will Apitong, Ybarro decides to breakup with Alena. Alena try heartbroken and you will beats your upwards before leaving.

Whilst travelling having Danaya and you may Imaw, Alena’s class is assaulted by the a fire-respiration dragon. She introduces a h2o hindrance to guard her or him out of assault. Hitano periods the brand new beast having a beneficial spear, so it’s refuge. As the Hitano proceeded to help you pledge themselves so you can the woman, Alena flatly informed him to find other people, to own she had pledged in order to herself never to love anyone any more.

Alena nonetheless weeps when thinking about Ybarro, specifically treasuring this new wood carving the guy designed for her. Outwardly, although not, https://datingmentor.org/nl/amerikaanse-datingsites/ she tries to maintan a posture of experiencing moved on.

Alena try introduce while in the Mira’s banyuhay, where she gave the girl a gift. Amihan confided so you’re able to Alena one to the woman is with doubts if the Mira is truly her girl. Alena suggests her one Mira must not learn. She in addition to theorizes that it ihan don’t like Mira’s dad.

Alena passes a rock on which Ybarro had carved the labels, due to the fact an effective “witness” on the like. Alena ruins it as a result of the lady voice, believing that it is worthless, on her love didn’t history.

Wish [ ]

Toward a matter of a prospective argument between mandirigmas and you can pet, Alena talks for the mandirigmas and counsels the newest king which they are going to be equipped so they really you will protect themselves. Amihan got so it to mean that Alena however loved Ybarro. Alena admitted one she attempted to skip Ybarro, but could maybe not. Amihan apologized so you’re able to their, however, Alena told you Amihan did no problem.

Amihan solved you to definitely Alena’s delight are more important so you can her, and summoned Pagaspas so you can fetch Ybarro. Amihan next spoke to Alena and you will shared with her she would soon keeps the girl happiness, but did not complex with this area.

Alena are knowledge which have Danaya and you can Pirena with the accessibility its elemental efforts whenever Amihan turned up and you may shared with her away from Ybarro’s death. Brand new sisters console Alena.

Alena goes to the latest go camping of your own mandirigmas to confirm Ybarro’s reported passing. Whenever she discovered that no body ended up being discover, she began in hopes you to Ybarro was still alive and you may carry out come back.

Despite decade, Alena continues on the search for Ybarro, taking the girl condition of dolphins. She returned out of her travel outside of the palace that have Danaya and Pirena, that has been recently away for some time. These were asked of the Mira. She are a portion of the queen’s short council the spot where the future of your own missing Encantados had been talked about. Whenever Pirena said they have to perhaps not waste their go out interested in individuals who do not want to be discovered, Alena is actually influenced and you will volunteered to lead the brand new search people.

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